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Are you looking for a Russian marketing translator? Would you like to discuss your translation project and get a free quote? Please fill in the contact form below or email me at and I will be happy to help!

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Had enough of working at the kitchen table nearly every day for the past 7 months. So much so that I signed up for a gym that I previously thought unthinkably expensive - it has dedicated area for working, not to mention sauna and outdoor swimming pool 😊

Bought this lovely book for my daughter and loved the afterword. It rings especially true after I’ve been asked ‘Where are you from?’ for about a millionth time since moving to the UK 🙄


Looking for a magazine subscription as a birthday treat. Ordered an issue of Monocle, but it hasn't arrived yet. 1843 is online only now. New Scientist was great, but couldn't keep up. Smth for a linguist easily excited by books, cooking, (idea of) travel, but short of time?

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